It rarely gets very

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It rarely gets very cold here in Tokyo, but I am glad I have a pair of gloves.

Yesterday's high was about 10 (50 F) but the temperature dropped quickly in the evening and the wind was blowing. I'm sure it didn't dip below freezing but people on the streets last night were bundled up as if Omotesando were the South Pole.

Shoppers and people heading home from work hurried along to the station wearing hats, scarves tightly wrapped, gloves, and heavy coats zipped all the way up. Everyone looked chilly and very serious about keeping warm. I pulled on my knit gloves and zipped my jacket partway so that it wouldn't blow open in the wind.

As I made my own way to the station (with a wind-assisted push) I remembered that yesterday's low in Tokyo was the high temperature in Chicago earlier this month. The wind seemed a lot warmer after that.

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