It's Christmas Eve, a

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It's Christmas Eve, a big date night here in Japan.

Couples have made reservations months in advance for dinner and a room at swank hotels. For the younger set, a Christmas Eve date means Kentucky Fried Chicken & an hour or two at a love hotel.

A Ginza Printemps department store survey said that women expect somewhat less for Christmas this year, with the average gift receiver anticipating about $300 worth of presents. Last year, they calculated something closer to $500 per gal. 57% of the women surveyed hoped for jewelry.

For those whose Christmas dates yielded a marriage and family, it's the day to bring home the Christmas cake and go look at the displays of lights in Ginza or out in the ritzy Western suburbs.

Will I have a date for Christmas Eve? Of course. But at the moment, he's still sleeping and doesn't know what's in store for him. (Probably KFC & a love hotel...)

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