We spent our Christmas

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We spent our Christmas Eve getting into the spirit of the season.

A visit to the Japan Toy Museum gave us a dose of playthings. They have 8,000 toys on display. Arranged by era and type we saw traditional wooden toys, dozens of post-war tin toys, kitchy 60's era spaceship and robot toys (with "Mysterious Action and Glowing Lights"), and collector Barbies. As usual, we spent more time there, looking at the toys, talking about them and trying out the displays, than any two visitors combined. When we left, the curator gave us a Toy Museum poster.

Next we walked to Kappabashi, the restaurant supply district, to look at grownup toys. I love the displays of pots & pans and arcane kitchen gadgets. Tod was patient while I browsed the pottery shops but in the end all I walked away with were some gingerbread man cookie cutters. We came home and made cookie dough to the music of George Winton's December album. Very Christams-y.

Today I'll bake Christmas cookies, then deliver them to Tod & his coworkers this afternoon. I wonder if I can find a Mrs. Santa suit somewhere?

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