I think its time

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I think its time to re-evaluate video editing software.

I've been using Premiere for the last jillion years. It's what I learned first, way back when it was at the top of its class. But technology changed and Premiere hasn't kept up entirely.

I can't get it to properly control my camera when it captures. For example, I want a bunch of 1 second clips for a project I'm working on. Things start out OK, and Premiere chugs along, telling my camera to rewind, fast forward and play as needed, but after a while the time starts to drift. Instead of getting a clip that contains 1:14 to 1:15, I've got 1:15 to 1:16. Which isn't the right second!

I have 120 of these short clips to grab, and about half of them are wrong. I've worked around the problem for now. But I think maybe I need to investigate my other options.

There are a lot of new digital video editing programs available now, from the very simple iMovie to the more full-featured Final Cut Pro or Edit.DV There's even a new version of Premiere. But I don't relish this investigation. Switching software makes me very cranky. So if I write like a frustrated woman for the next few weeks, its because I am one.

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