I'm on my way

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I'm on my way to joining a gym.

I've always found gyms to be a bit intimidating--inscrutable weight machines and ultra-fit training partners. But I'm getting weaker and pudgier by the day, so it's time to take action. A couple of aerobics classes each week, maybe a swim and a little weight training thrown in once in a while will help me to combat my desk-bound lifestyle.

Last night, Tod & I passed the Sports Club Tokyo Dome on our way home. "Come on, I'll help you get an application," Tod offered. He knows that I will probably put this off for another few months just to avoid having to get information in Japanese. He made it look easy and a few minutes later, we were out the door with brochures and a sheet of information in English, too.

To join you need money (quite a bit of it) and a passport-sized photo. Tod is apparently quite ready to see me in the gym because he spotted an instant photo booth as we walked along. "Have your photos done. Then you'll be ready to join at any time."

I think the results of my photo-booth session look like an Aphex Twin album cover. But they will do the trick and since I'll stand out like a very pale, very tall, sore thumb in the gym no matter what I do, I guess my ID really doesn't make any difference.

I have no excuses.

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