Jonathan's is the Denny's

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Jonathan's is the Denny's restaurant of Japan.

Jonathan's decor screams "family restaurant." The walls are pink textured wallpaper with a stained wood chair rail. Watercolor paintings and mirrors add spots of color. Brass poles and frosted glass offer privacy between sections. Potted plants in baskets hang from the ceiling. You've been in here before.

But open up the menu and you know you're not in an American restaurant. Some sample dishes:

  • Pork kimchee nabe stew
  • Salmon with fish egg garnish
  • Boston clam doria

The meal portions are large so I've never managed to have dessert at Jonathan's but the photos of the ice cream desserts are very tempting. I'm not sure whether I would be able to decide between the vanilla soft serve on a bed of cornflakes or the prune parfait. Mmmmm.

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