Keio, one of Tokyo's

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Keio, one of Tokyo's suburban train companies, recently instituted late-night, "women only" train carriages in an attempt to give women a safe haven from Tokyo's infamous gropers.

This isn't the first time segregated cars have been run through Tokyo. In 1912, a rash of groping prompted women-only cars, and after WWII there were "women and children" cars on some train lines. These cars were discontinued in the 1970s.

Keio surveyed its riders and over 1600 women were in favor of "women only" cars for late night use. But after only a few weeks in service, Keio is rethinking its policy. Why? They received five dozen messages from men complaining that the practice is sexist. Will disgruntled men win out over women's safety and peace of mind? Time will tell.

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