Soy is used for

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Soy is used for a lot more things in Japan that in America. Every part of the bean is used, and very little is wasted.

Take o-kara for example. This is the fibrous part of the bean that is left behind when it's pressed for tofu. It's a damp, crumbly, pretty tasteless substance. But it's a great digestion aid, so it is transformed into foods.

Unohana is the most common dish made with o-kara. The crumbly fiber is mixed with a cooked vegetables, soy sauce and other flavorings. I think the result tastes a little bit like turkey stuffing, though that may just be a result of my vivid imagination and the fact that I haven't eaten turkey stuffing in a few years.

My breakfast this morning is an o-kara doughnut. It looks moist, like a tofu donut. It's fried a crispy brown and still looks a little greasy. It's very plain, no chocolate icing, not even any sprinkled sugar on top. The taste is similar to its appearance. Moist, greasy and very plain. But not unpleasant.

I feel healthier already.

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