Most accidents at home

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Most accidents at home occur in the bathroom. Not true in my case, as most of my accidents involve kitchen knives or boiling water. But last night, I scored one for the bathroom.

Upon getting out of the bath, I fainted and fell back in. What a surprise to come to all askew in the tub with an ache in my jaw. "Did I fall asleep in the tub?" I didn't even remember getting out.

I straightened myself out and stepped out of the tub. It wasn't until I saw a splash of blood on the floor that I realised I hadn't simply been napping.

By examining the evidence, and my minor injuries, I pieced together the scenario. I got out of the tub, felt a little woozy and leaned against the door of the bath. Usually any bath-induced wooziness passes in a moment, but not this time. I fainted and slid along the wall, striking the windowframe with my elbow, hand, and jaw before collapsing into the tub.

I was lucky. I didn't hit my head. I didn't go under the water. I wasn't even unconscious for very long. My cuts and bruises are irritating but not too serious. No harm done and a lesson learned. Sit when you feel faint.

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