The Yokohama Curry Museum


The Yokohama Curry Museum is quite a concept.

Indian curry and Thai curry are popular here, but most popular is Japanese curry, an odd melange of spices that blends flavors from all world curries into one dish. So a trip to the Yokohama Curry Museum with some friends yesterday promised to be a treat. Maybe I'd finally learn why the Japanese adopted every spice on the rack for their curry.

The reality of this newly opened museum was less exciting than I'd hoped. We took an elevator (operated by a young Japanesde woman costumed in a sari) to the 7th floor of the "PIA Station Amusement Theme Park."

Alighting from the elevator, we were greeted by anothe sari-uniformed woman in a darkly panelled and dimly lit lobby decorated with cartoon elephants carved in stone. Three Japanese curry restaurants occupy the lower level, with four Indian and Thai curry restaurants are above. There's a huge ship in the middle of the building with restaurants inside and on the upper deck. The museum aspect of the Curry Museum was relegated to small displays scattered among the snaking lines waiting for entrance to the restaurants. There are shops selling curry spices and other curry memorabilia to distract you while you wait, too.

When we discovered that the shortest wait for seating was 60 minutes, we decided to skip the experience, the shopping, and the lines. We'd go eat elsewhere. We walked down seven flights, as the elevator that brings you up does not work in reverse. Going down the stairs increases the chance that you will stop to play a video game or try some pachinko before you leave. But we abstained and escaped.

There's a Yokohama Ramen Museum that I hear is much better than the Curry Museum.


I have just arrived back in melbourne from Japan and my experince was so thrilling that I am planning to go back again soon.

I visited the Yokohama Curry Museum. It was simply great. And it's correct that the most famous curry is Japanese curry as it has this special flavour which makes it unique. The one thing i like about japanese curry is that it is not filled with chilli powder which is a major ingredient in making Indian Curries Hot. However, I love indian curries but at the same time Japanse curries are no less favourites.

But I had a great time in the curry museum tasting different kinds of curries. And I would recommend anyone who goes to Yokohama that visiting curry museum is a must.

I would love to go to the Ramen Museum in my next visit. But, I would have to do some research on it coz i have no idea where it is. Please tell me if you have any information about it.

The Curry Museum is a very cool place to visit.....if you like curry! Be sure to also go to the Rengabiru (Red Brick Building) down the street and around the corner. Another great place to spend time and money.....

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