There's nothing like personal

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There's nothing like personal mail to brighten a day. I received two letters on the same day.

One arrived in my mailbox from Chicago. It is written in glowing orange ink on drawing paper pulled from a sketchbook. A "hello" from a friend who took a few minutes to think of me. I had just missed my train and I read it standing on the train platform while I waited for the next one. My irritation at being late vanished as I read.

The other letter appeared in my e-mail box. A friend from grade school, who I hadn't heard from in 16 years, ran across my e-mail address and decided to write. What fun to see where our lives have taken us after our childhood adventures. She's living near where we grew up and devoted to her kids, one of whom will turn 9 on Monday. That's the same age as us when we met in 1976.

If you want to make me smile, send me a letter.

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