Two dictionaries, three textbooks

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Two dictionaries, three textbooks and a pile of papers and notes took up most of the surface of my desk yesterday.

I spent six hours writing the draft of my entry for this year's speech contest. My language school, OLJ Academy, hosts an annual contest for its students. This will be my third year presenting a speech in Japanese.

With each passing year, my ability in Japanese improves, so my speeches must become more complicated. At the same time, I recall what it was like the first year, when I had very little understanding because the advanced students were using words and grammar way above my head. I try to write my speeches using words most students will understand and concepts that can be illustrated. Even if the words are incomprehensible, there are pretty pictures to view.

For this year's speech, Tod Now, how do I say "I started out early this morning and have been hopping ever since?"

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