Travel is the worst.

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Travel is the worst. Holidays are the best. At the moment, I'm getting over through over the rigors of travelling from there to here.

Train to Narita. Wait in the lounge. Red eye to Honolulu. Short hop to Maui. Arrival 9:30 am. Friends are due to arrive at 2:12. We've forgotten their flight number. Meet the 2:12 flight. No friends. Wrong flight? Try another likely flight. No friends. 4:00. Panic.

We don't have the phone number for the place we're renting. But I know I can find it online. No Internet terminal at the airport. Phone book. Taxi to Kinko's. Minutes online: 7. Call house rental place. No friends. Back to airport. The woman at the customer paging desk is getting to know us.

Call house again; friends have called so we leave number of payphone. Phone rings--Donna's returning a page and do we need a booty call? More waiting. Phone rings. It's them! Time? 6:15. Hours in airport: nearly 9.

Kahului airport is nice, but I'm glad to be sitting here in the beautiful, cliffside house.

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