Each resident of my

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Each resident of my fine city has only 3 square meters of park to call his own. In comparison, Parisians have 12 sqm; Los Angeles residents have 18 and New Yorkers have a full 29 thanks to Central Park. If you are a lucky resident of Australia's capital, Canberra, you have 77 sq meters of park to stretch out in!

This lack of parks in Tokyo means that people have nowhere to sit when they go outside for lunch. Office towers provide some unique options, including this "urban forest" at Otemachi First Square, where Tod works. A triangle of eight trees on a side, paved over with granite between the trees, is a cool and shady place to sit and relax during a break. Most people perch along the edge, but a few brave souls climb inside to claim a little patch.

Lunchtime passes too quickly when you're sitting under the trees.

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