I waited until too

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I waited until too late on Friday to try to courier the Postcard Competition flyers, so I went out to DesignFesta to deliver them in person. What fun!

Terri, my contact there, was 90 minutes late, so I wandered around handing out flyers to women artists who were exhibiting postcards and prints--they seemed likely entrants for our competition.

1,500 booths filled the huge exhibition hall. Artists of every type showed and sold their works. The energy in the place was amazing and the talent ranged from knock-your-socks-off impressive to really pretty bad.

I was very happy to have a limited amount of money with me; otherwise I would have been the proud and happy owner of several interesting pieces of clothing, some pottery, stacks of postcards and definitely a few bits of silver jewelry. I covet all those things that Tod doesn't care about too much. As it was, I limited myself to a hand-dyed t-shirt printed with dragonflies.

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