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In the heart of our residential neighborhood, a hotel is disguised as an apartment building.

We've walked by it several times and commented on the French restaurant in the first floor. It's a bit unusual for an apartment building to house a restaurant, but Tokyo is full of surprises.

Last night, we decided to eat there. The food was astonishingly good: tomato and red pepper terrine, rabbit tart with fresh dill, seafood-stuffed fish with lemon-lime cream sauce, roast duck, and a heavenly orange-cassis sorbet served in an orange rind on a bed of spearmint jelly.

But more amazing than the food was the revelation that this building is a hotel. We walked into the lobby and located the restaurant without noticing. It wasn't until Tod read a sign in the washroom that he was clued in. As we left, we picked up a brochure. There are 60 rooms with rates between 8,800 and 16,000 yen/night. Now when we have guests that overflow the capacity of our house, we know where to send them.

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