The Communications Museum "TeiPaku"

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The Communications Museum "TeiPaku" (theme park) is pretty unassuming from the outside. It's in big building in the middle of the financial district, on a corner near Tod's office. It's signage is ugly. We've given it short shrift for three years.

But yesterday, we decided to stop in after lunch. What a pleasant surprise. It was larger than I expected--three generous floors of interactive exhibits--and lots of fun. We sent bad Morse code; our best tries were EXCELLBENT and YOVVVURVLE. We talked on the picture phones and pressed the tone generators to make touch tone beeps.

But best was the telex. It was set up to let you print out your own strip of coded words. My strip is above. What does it say? KU-RI-SU-TE-N, of course.

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