I'm often surprised how

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I'm often surprised how American culture and habits sometimes rub me the wrong way. Other times I cuddle up comfortably with them.

Case in point. Last night at midnight, I attended a conference call. (Don't even get me started on the "joys" of global telecomm and its use at wicked hours) Most of the particpants were Americans who were annoyingly upbeat, but foolishly nitpicking and didn't listen to one another. Also, too many had the extremely irritating habit of turning scentences into questions? As in "I'm palnning an event? And we want to make t-shirts? Is it OK to use the logo?"

But I'm not always down on the US and its citizens. Also last night, but a little earlier, I attended a friend's birthday party and met quite a few new people, including Adam from V-2 who has recently arrived in Tokyo. He was great. His interesting sentences were declaratives.

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