I'm too used to

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I'm too used to waiting.

It began (as I recall) with a boyfriend in 1986 who was always running late. I learned to bring a book. I started watching people.

15 years later in Tokyo, I still find myself waiting. Yesterday it was an hour's wait for an out-of-town visitor I had promised to meet at 2. I arrived a little early and watch the tides of people washing out of trains and through the wickets. Businessmen, well-heeled housewives, and a curious phenomenon.

Teenaged girls in groups of two or more came and went from the station wearing the same t-shirt. "629" (the date?) was emblazoned on the front, along with "Big Egg Show performer" in orange script. Some of them wore yellow and black polka dotted hats--four of them had enormous, egg shaped headpieces made of yellow and black spotted fur. It was mysterious, but later I found out there was a J-Pop band called Yuzu playing at Tokyo Dome (aka "Big Egg")

At 2:55, I tired of watching and waiting and headed back to my office to work. During an evening phone call, I found out that my guest arrived at the station at 3:00, having gotten lost in the neighborhood of her ryokan.

Maybe I should have waited a little longer...

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