[sigh of relief] I

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[sigh of relief] I went for several days without e-mail. No blog. No chat. OK, I know I'm on holiday and supposed to be relaxing, but there's only so much offline time a girl can take.

Suffering from computer DTs, I phoned Apple to find out where to buy an iBook in the Jersey Shore area. However, there was none to be had nearby so we drove from Cape May to Dover--a hundred miles away--to buy a new laptop. A ferry, a speeding ticket and a terrible lunch later, I had a shiny, white iBook in hand.

My whole family is here in Cape May--including my uncle, aunt & cousins from California--and we're enjoying the sea air and NJ asparagus. So far four people have checked their e-mail. I'm glad I'm not the only addict in the family. :-)

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