When I'm jetlagged, I

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When I'm jetlagged, I eat strangely.

First of all, my mind and body are out of synch by about four hours. I went to sleep last night at 1 am and rose at 5 this morning with my mind so full of ideas and plans that it forced my body to move.

So here I am, four hours of sleep behind me, ready to start a new day (the first day of a two day DigitalEve web retreat that I am helping to teach/lead) and I am famished. I crave protein. No namby-pamby tofu and beans for me, please. I want meat. Give me a big juicy steak or a hamburger. Or maybe a horse.

Sadly, there is no meat in the house and the only restaurants open at this hour are not serving meat-rich dishes. I'll have to settle for toast and coffee. Lunch will come along in another 7 hours and I'll get some protein then.

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