Yesterday we received visitors.

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Yesterday we received visitors. But not in the formal Victorian/Edwardian sense of posting hours during which visiting is acceptable. This was much more casual.

Simon, a friend of Tod's who is staying with us for a few days, called at 2:30 to say he'd arrive around 3:00. I had to leave at 2:45, so I left the door unlocked for him when I left. Did it feel strange to leave the house open to someone I'd never met? A little bit but Tod vouched for him so I knew it was OK.

Our second visitor was Erin. She's masterminding the redesign of the DigitalEve Japan site. On Thursday she's off for a three month holiday, so we were finishing up all the loose ends of the design before she goes.

Because Tod, Simon and I were holed up in the 3rd floor office with the aircon on and the door shut, Erin was greeted by a note on the door downstairs. "Come in. We're on the third floor."

I know first impressions are important, but yesterday was too hot to bother.

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