Japanese hospitals are medicine

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Japanese hospitals are medicine machines that quickly move patients through a set path from Reception to Accounting. The NTT Kanto Medical Center is no different, but it is newly renovated and offers a comfortable environment. I was there yesterday for an appointment.

I wasn't the only foreigner there, but I was one of perhaps two. My funny name confounded the nurses. I was escorted around the hospital from place to place. Registration took me to the Consulting area. From Consulting I was ushered to MRI. I probably could have found these places myself. Everything is labelled in English, it turns out, but people were kindly pandering to my confusion.

Dr. Arasaki speaks fluent English and put me at ease. I enjoyed watching him use his computer to create my chart as he examined me. And looking at the pictures of my brain was really stunning. I'll be going back, but next time it won't be so scary.

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