The Sony Building, in

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The Sony Building, in Ginza, is a showcase of Sony's products. Each floor has a different category--televisions, computers, cameras, stereos, games--with sample products you can try, games to play and more uniformed showroom attendants than you can shake a stick at.

I spent 20 minutes playing with the "location free" Airboard, a portable TV/Internet terminal. It was fun and easy to use, but I'm not going to run out and buy one (retail price $1,300).

Also in the Sony Building: a game where you control a mosquito who must bite a girl who is sleeping. If you wake her up, she goes into Battle Mode and tries to swat you! Very amusing, though we never figured out the controls well enough to bite the girl.

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Good morning,

Currently I am living in Japan. I am planning on visiting the SOny building this Monday and was wondering if you knew the times it was open? Do you know if it is open on Saturady or Sunday too? Thanks

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