We rode three hours

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We rode three hours out of Beijing yesterday to see the Great Wall. There are nearer places, but we wanted to see the Simatai section, described as "not touristy" and affording the best views.

On the drive there, we passed through the northeastern suburbs of Beijing. Towards the airport are the lastest developments. First tall, tall highrise apartments owned by the government and inhabited by the "common people" as our driver, Mr. Lee, informed us. A little further along, we started to see billboards for places like Dragon Villas and "Lomond Lake villas: North American Demeanor, rich and strong" detached houses costing from $1,500 - $9,500 US dollars a month for about 500sq meters. (To see some Beijing real estate, visit www.merryland.com.cn ) Mr. Lee says "The common people say this is the new Forbidden City."

The Simatai Wall had great views. Neverending scenery bifurcated by the Wall. Words can't describe it. I spent a lot of time taking photos and saying, "Wow. Sooo beautiful."

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