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Add another volunteer project to my To Do list.

Yanesen Magazine is a neighborhood publication that focuses on the historical aspects of the old shitamachi area in Bunkyo-ku. They have published in Japanese since 1984 and produced a scant few issues in English.

I have a copy of the 1992 English edtion of Yanesen (loaned by a friend in 1999 and still not returned) that I treasure for its hand drawn map of local points of interest and its articles on local arcana that commerical magazines would never think to print.

Earlier this month, a Sendagi neighbor, who introduced herself after reading this weblog, invited me to write for the upcoming Yanesen English edition. Of course I said yes. The details for the issue are being ironed out now and I am looking forward to being involved.

When it's done, I will return the cherished 1992 edition along with interest--a copy of the latest edition.

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