[OK, one final post

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[OK, one final post about wireless networks and then it's back to the humanities.]

Years ago, I wondered what the world would look like if radio and TV waves were visible--beams of colored light, say, or threads showing the path from their source. Radio and tv bathe us in invisible sound and images but we don't think about them because we can't see them.

But now we've glimpsed them and our neighborhood will never look the same.

We just wanted to see if we could reach our own network from the park nearby (we can, barely) but as we left, we caught another network in our scanner. Surprised, we decided to "war walk" up and down the street a bit and found half a dozen wireless networks: DEPB500, ant1, AirportNetworking227766, airmac, AirportNetworking 231e45, & kikuna.

It's good to know the neighbors, even if they appear only as a green dot on a graph.

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