ring "Kristen McQuillin" "Moshi

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"Kristen McQuillin"
"Moshi moshi..."
"Hello, this is Kristen McQuillin."
"Moshi moshi?"
"Kristen McQuillin."
"Moshi moshi?"
"Ergh. Moshi. Moshi."
"Ah! NTT desu. Ashita ni kimasu." [...]

Starting a telephone conversation is like vocally negotiating a modem connection. "I'm 56K, what are you? I'm 28.8. Well, I'm 56K, can't you speak at 56K?" NTT was not going to even try English with me yesterday. I think I could have kept volleying Hello at them for hours. But they are coming to install coppper for our ADSL line today so I'm not complaining.

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