The Bunkyo ward newsletter

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The Bunkyo ward newsletter arrived today. Tucked inside was an extra sheet, the Nishikata Dayori, that reports all of the local association's activities. Here's a sampling of what's going on in our neighborhood:

"The Nishikata Meeting Hall Reconstruction Team met on July 8th. The names of the team members were introduced in the last issue of Nishikata Dayori."

"The Used Paper Recycle results for July were 12,010 kg (newspapers 9,220 kg; magazines 2,790 kg). Thank you, everyone. The next recyle day is 8/10, as usual, on the second Friday of every month."

There's also a report on the budget of the town festival car (parade float), which is 3,304,700 yen (about $30,000). Donations accepted through 8/31 and thank you to our generous sponsors.

The news concludes with a long list of contact names and telephone numbers in case you want to join the association. It's tempting to join and be part of the local community but my ability to communicate is still so limited that I'm not sure I'd be much use to anyone.

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