I'd been anticipating dinner

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I'd been anticipating dinner at the Irish House for more than a week. It's an Irish pub in Shimbashi with all the right beers and a wonderful menu of potato-based foods. Potato bread, champ (mashed potatoes with bacon), stew. Mouthwatering just to think about it.

Think about it is all I can do now. We hadn't been there in a long time. As we flipped through the newly designed menu, we discovered there were no Irish foods! No champ, no mushroom bread, no stew. The bartender confirmed it; "Japanese tastes, well....Irish food wasn't so popular"

I looked around and realised that there weren't as many Irish nationals in the place as there used to be. We ordered pints of Guinness and some appetizers--ravioli with yogurt sauce, shiitake garlic toast, and a mini plate of fish and chips. It just wasn't the same, so we ate quickly and left.

Tonight, I will have to make mashed potatoes for dinner.

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