In the days immediately

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In the days immediately after September 11th, the local news reported that quantities (varying from 6 to 29) of people with links to bin Laden slipped through Immigration and entered Japan.

Since then, there's been no news of them. In Germany and the UK there are reports of detentions, questionings, and arrests of suspects or suspicious persons. But here...nothing. Where did those 6 - 29 people go once they arrived here? Are they plotting some insanity or are they innocently climbing Mt. Fuji?

A quote vaguely attributed to "an Irish journalist" claims that there is a "29 year old Japanese woman named Masumi" in the bin Laden organization. The quote was published in the Shukan Shincho, a somewhat-reputable weekly tabloid.

Are the police (Japan has no FBI or CIA, only a police force) looking for these people? If so, they are doing it very quietly.

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