Good grief, we have

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Good grief, we have four coffee making devices.

In addition to the standard electric drip maker I use to make our morning brew, we have a stovetop moka pot, an espresso maker, and a siphon pot. We also have a french press packed away in storage in the States. We like coffee.

And lately we've begun roasting our own beans. It's actually very easy to roast green coffee. Put it in a very hot oven and wait about ten minutes. The beans turn yellow, then brown. They make popping sounds, "first crack," the indication that you could take them out at any point from then. They get darker, eventually releasing oils, hitting second crack and getting shiny. Or burnt. Tod likes his coffee ultra dark. I like mine medium dark. We argue at the oven.

Roasting coffee throws off lots of smoke. But it's fun and really easy and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good cup of truly fresh coffee. What pot you brew it in is up to you. If you need supplies, Sweet Maria's carries everything for the home roaster.

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