Kani Ryouri is Japanese

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Kani Ryouri is Japanese for "crab cuisine." There's a fantastic kani ryouri restaurant in Azabu Juban, about 20 minutes away. I'm sure it has a real name, but we call it the crab restaurant.

Their crab set lunch (1,200 yen) is a delight. It's hard to decide what's most delicious: crab sashimi served with tiny shreds of steamed sea vegetable; silken tofu topped with crab and a seasoned soy sauce; rice sprinkled with dried crab crumbles; creamy potato salad laced with crab; a deep-fried crab croquette. Of course there's miso soup, pickles, and tea, too. It's quite a treat for lunch.

If you're headed there, leave Azabu Juban station via Exit 4; walk about two blocks down the small shopping street on the left hand side of Wendy's. It has a rustic exterior and a small genkan to take of your shoes before stepping into the tatami-carpeted seating area. Sorry that I have no idea what the name is...

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