Oshogatsu is over. We

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Oshogatsu is over. We now return to our regularly scheduled life.

I skipped the traditional festivities and just rested. It was six tranquil days for me. I made no temple visit, no trip shout "banzai!" to the Emperor. I didn't even buy a fukubukuro--a lucky grab bag.

New Years can be dangerous. Six people were injured in the stampede for fukubukuro at Tama Plaza Tokyu Shopping Center in Yokohama. Two people choked to death on mochi, a sticky rice cake said to ensure long life. Ironic, but it happens every year. TV shows demonstrate how to dislodge mochi--a vacuum cleaner is said to do the trick.

So I'm back to a normal schedule today. Except that I'm already running late; I'm overdue to take coffee to Tod...

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