I woke this morning

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I woke this morning to the sound of helicopters. President Bush is in town. I imagine he's staying at the Imperial guest house and coptering from place to place in the city.

This morning, he visited Meiji Shrine and later today he meets with the Prime Minister. Later tonight, they are all going out to eat at a yakitori restaurant. The PM, President, Mrs. Bush, the US Ambassador to Japan and the Japanese Cabinet Secretary and his wife are all expected to attend.

I can only imagine what that will be like. Will they get roaring drunk like everyone else who dines on yakitori? I suspect they won't be eating at one of the yatai (outdoor food stalls) that dot the city. Maybe they'll go to Nanbantei in Ginza--one of our favorite fancy yakitori places. Can't wait to see the photos in the papers tomorrow.

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