Gaia is a wonderful

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Gaia is a wonderful natural foods store. Ironically, we found it on our way to Kua Ai'na, a hamburger restaurant near Shin-Ochanomizu.

Tod calls it the "deadhead yaoya" because of the music they play, but I think of it as another one of the "crazy food stores" we've enjoyed since our friends introduced us to not-cheese, not-milk, and not-meat a dozen years ago.

In addition to the requisite not-products, they carry excellent bread, all sorts of grains, legumes and cereals, and plenty of vegetables and fruits. I found mikan blossom honey, carob cookies and herb teas. Tod says there's wonderful soap in the basement.

I bought millet, bread and mikan and already anticipate going for hamburgers again soon. Which place is an excuse to visit the other, I'm not sure.

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