On the way back

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On the way back from the house inspection (whch the realtor declared "good"), I stopped at the local plant shop on Hakusan Dori to buy some trees for the veranda. What a delightful experience.

The Shimamuras have friends in Chicago so they visit the US from time to time and speak some English. Our conversation was a crazy mix of English and Japanese as they helped me select three trees, arranged same-day delivery, and promised to call when their spring shipment of herbs arrives next month. When the trees were delivered, I discovered that Mrs. Shimamura had handwritten watering instructions for the Phoenix Royal Fan palm in English and they had repotted them all into terracotta colored pots. With service like that, they will definitely see me at their shop again.

The plants make a huge improvement to the patio. I can already picture myself sipping morning coffee at the table when the weather warms a bit.

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