Robodex 2002

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Yesterday, I headed out to Yokohama for the press preview of Robodex 2002, a robot convention that I'm reporting on. I wandered around snapping photos and taking in what was there. On Saturday I'll go back for some interviews and more photos.

The highlight of the preview was the Robot Parade on the MegaStage. All of the press corps photographers crammed in to get video and stills of the popular robots. I managed to wedge myself right in the front between TBS (a TokyoTV station) and Kyodo (a Japanese news wire). My tiny digital camera looked pretty silly compared to the professional equipment surrounding me, but I truly did not care. I got a few good shots, so I'm happy.

The Robodex staff are dressed in white; they look like nurses. In more than one case, they needed to assist their mechanical charges. One robot shed parts as he moved down the catwalk and had to be pushed back home. Another of the robots wouldn't wake up when called. Oops. They aren't as reliable as they need to be, yet, but they'll get there eventually.

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