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This is the most loved room in our house--the office. There's no denying that it is the hub of our home. I spend most of my waking hours here. Tod is normally found at his desk (pictured to the left) or tinkering with his computers in the rack. At parties, guests usually migrate to the office.

This room is long and narrow. Tod's portion includes the closets and the area near the door. I've got the other section, somewhat larger, over by the patio door. There are wires and cables everywhere--a small problem that we must fix. I hate cables.

We located the hot water pot on our computer rack between the scanner and fax. Clever? Maybe, but there is no room for it in the kitchen, so it had to go here. It's very convenient for a quick cup of tea, but I worry a bit about spills. Our server and my tape drive sit directly below the hot water.

If you've ever wondered what my workspace looks like, here's a peek. Files, phone, monitor on a cardboard box, cardfile, well-thumbed dictionaries, coaster, lamp & lots of writing implements. And a chair with a blanket. I love my office.

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