Welcome to my living

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Welcome to my living room. I think this might be one of my favorite rooms, ever. The photo doesn't do it justice because I lack a wide angle lens for my digital camera.

The room has southern exposure and a wall of glass curtained with horizontally striped cotton sheers (just out of sight on the left of the photo). A green area rug ties together the indoors and the plants on the two verandas outside. It also bridges the tones between the dark furniture and the cream walls.

We have two stacks of zabuton floor cushions to pull up around the low dining table, but the carpeted floor is so soft, we hardly need the extra pillows. The dining table doubles as our coffee table and fruit stand.

I already find myself gravitating to this room for breaks. In the mornings, I stretch and gently exercise here. At dinnertime, we play quiet music while we eat. It's a very civilised place.

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