Yesterday we addressed some

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Yesterday we addressed some lighting issues.

The day we moved in, I tripped a breaker when I plugged in and turned on a lamp in the living room. When Tod moved the lamp to another outlet to test it, the lamp shorted out and exploded, severing the electric cable and singeing the brand new carpet. Yikes!

Tokyu Hands had just what we needed--a new cord and switch. Tod soldered the new cord into place and the lamp is as good a new.

In our bedroom, we have no room for nightstands. One side of the bed is against the wall, the other nearly touches the radiator. So our old bedside lamps were given away and we bought new ones yesterday. A stand lamp and matching table lamp, in curvy metal and halogen grace our bedroom. These are the ideal reading lamps and they have dimmers so Tod can read without keeping me awake.

Do you notice in the photo those curtains at the end of the bed? That is where the closet doors used to be. Now the closet doors are stored in the pantry closet and we use these canvas covers to hide the clothes!

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