Children's procession

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As we prepared to leave the house yesterday morning, we heard drumming echoing around the neighborhood. "Hey, let's go find that!" I said. I'm always interested in local festivals.

As it turns out, the drumming came to us. We left the building, we saw a parade of children and parents pulling a little shrine at the end of our street. They were just turning the corner and heading towards us.

Realising my camera was still upstairs, I dropped my bags, grabbed my keys and dashed. I sprinted up the stairs, ran into the office without taking off my shoes (I'll have to clean the carpets extra well today!), and made it back downstairs just in time to snap a couple of pictures. The kids looked like they were having a good time, especially the girls beating the drum. The fathers who were doing the bulk of the pushing and pulling looked a little tired--it was warm yesterday and they'd just come up a hill!

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