Custom birthday gift

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<kuri> devin, my mother would like a hint about what to get you for your BD.

<devin> oh, ok... um...

<lyd> elephant beer steins

<Nemix> elephants would be good as a beer stein.

<lyd> filled with Stein's elephant beer

<devin> hmmm

<devin> a pair of shorts

<devin> or a book

<lyd> or a short pair of books

<kuri> the ultimate gift being a pair of short books about beer and elephants.

<lyd> heh

<devin> yeah!

<devin> by a man named stein

My mother's creativity comes through again in this pair of diminutive books. Inside are six tiny beer bottles and a china elephant. The end papers are decorated with elephants and beer steins, and the covers are made of mulberry paper. Would you guess that Mom's a master of theatrical props?

The gift box also contained two pairs of shorts. Mom's whimsy is tempered with praticality.

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