Taste testing sweets

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Taste testing two new sweets may not be the healthiest way to begin a new day, but it is entertaining.

This "sugar milk" flavored Petit Toast (118 yen for a 40 g cup) has the identity of a breakfast food but I'm not fooled. The toast nuggets are about an inch square and lightly coated with a sugar glaze on one side. They are pretty bland, which is a disappointment made more bitter by how cute and inviting the package is. Petit Toast also comes in "consomme" flavor, which I suspect would easily subsitute for a salad crouton.

The joys of Collon are not to be missed. I have a secret fondness for (vanilla) Cream Collon that dates back to my first trip to Japan. How can you lose with a creamy center, the texture of fluffy bakery icing, nestled inside a roll of
crispy wafer? Mango Citrus Collon (98 yen for a 60 g box) should be a winner but the flavor is too sharply acidic and lingers on the tongue with a tingling aftertaste. But I might be biased--I don't think mango goes well with the coffee I'm using to cleanse my palate.

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