Tropical tastes

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I think we're in for a tropical summer. First, Mango Colon. Now the candy shelves are crammed with tropical fruit flavored goodies:

  • Pineapple KitKat is pretty tasty. The pineapple flavor is strong and a little plastic, but not bad. I like KitKat and this is a nice change.
  • Mango Cream Pocky is excellent. Pocky is a classic--thin breadsticks dipped in chocolate. The mango cream coating has little flecks of dried mango in it that add a real fruit flavor and the slightest edge of mango bitterness.
  • Syun-ka Mango Pudding wafer chocolate is nothing to write home about. The outer chocolate coating is thin and waxy, the wafer is like styrofoam and the mango flavor is extremely subtle.
  • Colorful Stick (not pictured here because I tore into it before I photgraphed) is similar to Pocky, but not as good. It's a mix of tropical fruits and the sticks are coated with multi-colored sugar crystals in white chocolate. Beware pretty candy--it rarely lives up to its promise.

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