DE-J meeting

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I'm not sure what we were thinking, but it is not a good plan to have a meeting in a British restaurant on the opening night of the World Cup.

The DigitalEve Japan steering commitee got together last night at Pizza Express, a British pizza chain, in Harajuku. We arrived at seven and had the restaurant to ourselves for about half an hour. The staff turned on the huge TV and we watched the opening ceremonies in Korea. We all cooed over "Kimutaku," one of the aging SMAP boys who was commenting on the ceremonies and Misa taught us a new word--menkui--a woman who likes attractive men.

As we ate and chatted, the other customers poured in and soon we were surrounded by 30-something foreign men, all dressed in football jerseys. As the volume of their conversations increased, we finished up our meal and scooted out just before the France-Senegal match began.

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