Early summer fashion report.

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Early summer fashion report. Gleaned from the streets of Omotesando

  • The ethnic look: peasant blouses and long pairie/gypsy skirts. Next year, I expect to see a revival of "bistro print" skirts (the sort with French-looking bottles of wine and luggage labels). Why? Because that's how it went in the 80s.
  • Stripes: clean, crisp cotton (or seersucker), with evenly spaced white and blue stripes made into camp shirts and skirts.
  • White lace: white eyelet skirts, white lacy overshirts. It's everywhere. Bright and fresh now, it will be dingy in a few weeks and sadly bedragled by August.
  • Hawaiian shirts: for men only. And maybe only for large and/or middle aged men.
  • Uniforms: police, fire, and other non-military workers' uniforms (minus insignia) imported from the US and elsewhere. I've seen them on the racks, but not on people yet.
  • Skirts over pants: brightly printed cotton skirts, knee length, with slightly flared cotton trousers underneath. Retailers must love selling twice as many bottoms as tops. Girl-watchers must hate the demise of the very short skirt.
  • Accessories: wide, open-weave belts slung low over the hips. I'm not sure how the slim-hipped Japanese women keep them up, but they do look nice skimming over their ultra-flat stomachs. Not a good look on the middle aged woman I saw with hers cinched tightly around her waist.
  • Sandals this season are high-heeled & strappy, or flat with one broad strap. Fishnet stockings seem to be falling out of favor.

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