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I've been on a personal crusade to take care of things that I've been putting off. I'll bet you have some of these pesky tasks on your mental "To Do" list.

So far, I've managed to accomplish several things: visiting the gynecologist and mailing Seth's VCR to Vancouver count among the prominent items crossed off the list. Yesterday I came a big step closer to "get more exercise."

There is a jazz dance studio about a block from my house. I noticed their sign the other day, but didn't have time to read it to see if they teach adults. When I went back with more time, the studio was closed and the sign wasn't out. But last night it was out and it said they do teach adults. In fact, they welcomed visitors into the studio. Of course, I almost didn't go in. "Oh, I'm kinda tired. I should get home. I'll check it out another day," ran through my mind. But I screwed up my courage and resolve and went up.

I stuck my head in the door to see five women in red t-shirts and black leggings taking a break. When I appeared, they looked a bit shocked. There was a flurry of "please come in" with noises in the background about "Where's sensei?" and " Does anyone speak English?"

They offered me a chair in the corner, handed me some info on the school, and went back to practicing. I had butted into the advanced class rehearsing for their happyokai (recital). I watched in delight for about a half an hour, chatted with the teacher about beginner classes and my dance background. I'm all set to start in ten days.

The school seems very relaxed and Misae-sensei was kind and patient with my stumbling Japanese. The dancers laughed with me when I explained that I was getting fat. I love dancing, though I'm not skilled, and these classes are just what I need to get into better shape.

So here's a challenge for you. Pick something on your "I'll get around to that soon" list and do it. I can promise you that you'll feel a weight lift.

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