4 years in Japan

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Today is the first day of our 5th year in Japan.

In other words, we celebrated our 4th Japan anniversary yesterday. We had dinner at a posh restaurant with a view and I dressed up because it was a good excuse. Dressing up is fun and far too infrequent. I suppose if I were always jetting off to film premieres and other fancy dress events, I'd learn to hate it, but as it is, I like doing my hair, swiping on some lipstick and feeling fabulous.

Fabulous has its downside, too. As we were walking home, a fat pimply man stepped in front of us, turned around and started walking backwards so that he could look me over top to toe. I glared at him and after a few steps, he turned away. The incident wasn't threatening, but it was a bit unusual. Maybe that's a taste of what it's like to be famous.

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