Aircon fan

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I am not a big fan of air conditioning. I feel trapped when I have it on. I don't want to leave my cool, dry room so I stay inside. Going outside--even to the veranda--is an expedition to the tropics. I've stopped running errands because it's too hot. Yesterday I felt a big sense of accomplishment when I walked for 6 minutes to the post office. That's pathetic!

Until the past few years, I'd never relied on air conditioning. I used fans in the summer. Or escaped into a cool oasis at work or shopping. That was encouragement to leave the house and I never minded returning home afterwards because home is always great, even when it's too warm.

Today, I am experimenting with the veranda door open and no aircon. I lack a fan, which makes a difference, but I'll try to keep the experiment going as long as I can today. And maybe later I'll go to the bank...

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